Thursday, May 08, 2008

Laboratory activated students

(1) See the book first la Sin Yi, do not shake shake only

(2) Hey, this one dissolved or not? Ai yah, I also do not know. Hey Pei Chi you two look for answer or what?

Still in the lab

(1) Shake okay already huh?

(2) Dissolved or not? 我不知道

(3) I have dissolved it ... hee hee heee.. all black

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3A5 in the lab

Hey girls, do your lab work! No play and Sher Li do not talk so much

(2) Make sure you had shaken it well

(3) Shake, Shake, Shake
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Monday, May 05, 2008

Still in the lab

(1) Brave Jason trying to do the experiment alone. Where are the chickens gone to?

(2) Remember which costs more - the test tube or the tubing hoh?

(3) Two doing the dance and another 2 sing the song

(4) He is in deep trouble lo....

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Behavior of form 3 science students in lab

(1) Getting their materials from teacher's table.
(2) All in front - doing what?
(3) Look at the beautiful chemical formed, you silly girl.
(4) Acid rain in class - look at the head.

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