Saturday, July 28, 2012

Blue or Black or Yellow

Testing the amylase reaction on starch.. should be simple but oh! no! not for ExaMachs who latter found that what that is in the textbook is not what it should be in the lab.. why, these ExaMachs are not Human la...
Who says I sabotaged the experiment... good results wah!... It is your problem.. saliva with no amylase la...

Milking the Saliva

Let see, here's how it is done. Just imagine you are sucking sweets (lots of them) and then tilt your head and just open your mouth. You should be able to collect about 3 ml of the saliva.. Easy...(click link for previous years)
Let's do it by the side...... boys on the left and girls on the right 

But best of all, just hide behind the door lo....  oh sir! mine got bubbles one.... yak! how disgusting

Let's the Clocks Tick, and the Torture begins

The Quiz in session.. Need I comment further????
Tick tock tick tock.. not only is the clock ticks but the brain too... tock tock .. prnggggggg

Hairdo For Microscope Work

When you are doing microscope work, not only that you need to have good techniques and know-how, but you must also have a good microscope work's hairdo..
Here's some of the hairdos that you should not have if you are doing microscoping...
The hairdos that don't and the perfect one are those one the bottom right.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Plants & Cuts

Hold it tight between your thumb and forefinger or you will get to donate more blood to the class..
As thin as paper ... that's the objective of making this slide.
How thin? As thin as you can .. like the tissue paper thin la...

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Blood D Bio

OUch! Pain lo!

Sir! Why got no blood one? Already poked?
You got thick skin mah!

Sir! How come my blood cells so small?
How can I know? Your cells wah!
Ouch! Why you prick so hard? Sir! Please pull the lancet out....... Wah! My blood red in colour.
Oh look! I bleed lo..... how ... painful... hemmmmm ma ma help meeee

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Battle of the Bands

After the Senamrobik, the school Band (which won 2nd prize in Hong Kong) gives an exquisite presentation to the Aussie visitors.

The band

The audience captivated by the performance (or just plain relaxing in the sun)

Next the Chinese Philharmonics renders the Wong Fei Hong's song accompanied in action by the Wushu members.

Waiting for Master Wong Fei Hong

Come Shake Your Backside

First time this year, the aerobic shaking and dancing is back and now it is known as Senamrobik 1Murid 1Sukan 1Malaysia program (which incidently is conducted simultaneously all over the country for 30 minutes).
This is what you should wear to shake better..... the vice principal of the Heights School in tune with us

How to shake.. easy only la.. just follow me... 

Watch out for the Bush dance too from the Aussies

Friday, July 06, 2012

The Aussies Are Here

Hi mate! gud-eye, howyagoinallright?
What's that things! OMG! They can dance ... 

Students and teachers from the Heights School (Australia) are in Jit Sin since last Tuesday on the Students Exchange program which started last year. They will be here for another week.

Do have a bloody good time here.