Saturday, May 26, 2012

Science Trip to Alor Star

First day of the school holidays, and I followed a group of Biology/Science teachers and students to Alor Star for a study cum holiday tour.

Paddy Museum and Science Centre

We visited the Paddy Museum (well all you see is all about paddy). The thing that impress me and most of the visitors (and worth of the entrance fee of RM3) is the 36-degree mural painting the wall of a dome. If you have the time, you can sit and watch the picture while the whole platform rotates slowly.
The bad thing is you are not allow to (actually you have to pay) for bringing in the camera. I mean why charged for taking pictures while in most places don't.

The Science Centre (Northern Region) is next to the museum, so we walked there. I do not find Science centres to be impressive because most of the exhibits are toy-like and catered mostly to the kids. This Science centre is small comparatively to that in Singapore, so to me it is not worthwhile.

Alor Setar Tower and the Ecobrown Rice Mill
We detoured to a place where there are stores selling crystals. I assume the crystals came from the surrounding hill. Anyway, I bought a small piece of white calcite (I think) for RM3.

Then it is lunch time in Alor Setar Pacific Shopping Complex. After filling our stomach with food, we proceed to the Alor Star Tower. A five minutes lift ride to the top enable one to have the aerial view of Alor Star.

Our last stop is the Serba Wangi Rice Processing Plant. There we are introduced into eating the  Ecobrown Rice which most of the teachers bought in kilos.

I would say it is a 12-hours trip well spent for the start of the holiday.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

T-Cher's Day

The Teachers' Day cake.. for 150 teachers.. "cleaned-out" in 150 seconds...
Two surprises happened today

First, somebody remembered the teachers in JitSin and sent a cake. What a pleasant thought.

I am not going to sing to you, maybe Pn Yeoh is... Okay la.. I'll sing..... see what happened when I had sung..
Second, there is an assembly at the volleyball court regarding teachers' Day. This is really a shock to me, as Jitsin do not celebrate the real Teachers' Day (see what I mean when you teach in a Machine school). So all form 3 and 6 students will have to assemble there at 10:50 (the rest of the students are taking their exams - another point to show that exam is more important than remembering teachers' Day in Jitsin)

And this could be another surprise, because when everybody is at the court, the program is just to watch the small television showing the speech by the Minister of Education in TV1 (live) from Kuala Kangsar. Scheduled at first at 11 am but only come on air at 11:35 am (talking of Malaysian punctuality).  What is the educational aim of this thing? Well, probably to make the students remembered this year Teachers' Day

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Second Place

Second prize
The Basil Leaves project had won for the second consecutive time. Congratulations to the members and of course the teacher who gets nothing (ya la.. talk about sharing????)

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Long March to 2013

Marching in (the boys lead) and ......into the hands of ......discipline teachers for first filter..
The Lower Sixes are back to school.

Welcome back for the paper chase. A new chapter (STPM) begins.

First three days will be orientation to the Lower Sixes, to choose Science or Arts, Bio or Physics, Accounts or PP, and then choose which KoKo clubs or uniform bodies...

Then beginning of next week, it is going to be full throttle towards 3 STPM exams.
The vision stuck on the wall.... but the impression .......if there is hope...

Saturday, May 05, 2012

World Book Day

The book worms feasting on the layers of cellulose polluted with lead-based inks
The timing is correct - the annual books exhibition was held in the school hall for the past two days. Not many book stalls for this year, just 3 only.

I did not really find it to be of any interest as the books exhibited for sales are all in language which I could not understand. What a pity as I had the budget to acquire some books.