Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Karate Kid(ding)

Let's start kid-king
Eiish! Aiyahhh! Hey wait la I kick first then you box la.... Pain, Oh! Why kick so hard? Just now, say we just want to kid-ra-te around only, mah!

Angry Birds In School

Aaiiiyakkyakyakkkk! IT hurts!
It is not Angry teachers but angry birds all in the school hall today - why? Because they are being sold by stalls participated in the Minggu Koperasi.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Flame of the forest

The leaves (double pinnate)
5-petals flowers
Legume-like fruit pods
The tree
Flame of the forest or Delonix regia has flowers that are red in colour with 5 big petals. The leaves are compound double pinnate leaftets. It is usually planted in Penang as the wayside trees by the municipal councils.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Sports Heat

Where is my baton? Hai ya no need to run already, we are left with 2 teams
Well, it really hot lo.. so that is why it is always known as the Sports Heats. Thank goodness it ended today after 3 days of getting free vitamin E. Good to see the Upper Sixes still have the heart to run (or walk faster, which ever you look at it)

Congratulations to Jitsin's Principal (Ex)

Congratulations to you, Mr Hwong Seng for being awarded the Tokoh Guru Pulau Pinang for the year 2011. I think many of you may had known Mr Hwong as your Principal when you are or were a student of Jit Sin.

Rat Dissection - The Final Day

For the last time
And the final resting place for my Mickey or Minnie Mouse... oh - the last post

In silence we concentrate on our work
Let me give you a good bath before I cut you!.. Which one is yours? This looks like mine but like already frozen

Faces of rat murderers????
Today marks the completion of the rat dissection for all Bio-students. Congratulations for surviving the ordeal of killing the rat and disecting it. Hopefully, the sacrifice of the rodent is not of vain.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Taekwon-do Training

Kick harder and higher! Aiyo... Pain ouch.... OH! OH! My uniform is too tight (eat a lot during the holiday -lo)
First day of training for the Lower Sixes. All 16 Lower Sixes turned up. The Seniors too are eager to show off their skills. Mr Phang even called his friend to help in conducting the training.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Teacher's Day in Jit Sin

Treated like the king... Just Eat and Play only for today okay.. teachers ... Principal too..

Happy Teacher’s Day

So fragile huh!... and soooooo bigggggg box lo... Guess what is in the plastic bag

Thank you to all of youOpen-mouthed smile

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Rat Things again

Scenes of death today

Bio 1

Bio 2

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Where is my Harry Porter Vein?

Mine is so fat! Interesting, this is a male? Mr Jalil is watching and the Lower Sixes too
Oh! yes, where is the Harry Porter Vein? Is it this one?
OMG! I broke my HPV so..no marks for you

Wah! Real stress la sir!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Welcome and Goodbye

You must punch, kick and jump higher than our coach .. oops!
Form 6 Taekwondo Club welcomes the Lower Sixes (16 of them) to the club. There is no practice session as it is scheduled to be get-to-know them session but due to our nice new Form 6 Penolong Kanan, the cocuriculum activity is cancelled.
All members still gathered at the Dewan Kuliah 3 and Siew Yee the chairman managed to say goodbye to club she loved so much.
Thank you Siew Yee for leading the club for the past 12 months and all the very best in your study at the Institut Perguruan.

Go Tong Bo Lo Yong

More taukehs than workers.. more onlookers than performers..
Where is my cloth? What cloth? Cloth la to clean the windows.
Did not bring.. so, use your shirt ma....

Many tried to show off their cleaning job to make their parents proud and their Indon kakak laughed until their false teeth out.

And many will make their mother-in-laws cried, oh! mine, never married the damsel who cannot clean, cook or sweep.

Nevertheless, the school is as clean as it is before the Gotong Royong begins.

Rat Dissection - The First Step

Before and after - how fragile is life
Well, in dissecting the rats, the first step is definitely to kill them (and what a cruel thing to do, to such cute creatures). The killing of the rats should be done in the most "humane" way. So, indeed are the sins of the bio-students.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Rubbish Rubbish all the over and New Lift for Jit sin

First day in school after the holidays and what you see is.... Rubbish and more rubbish...
Caring for the environment for the next generation?
Going to produce great leaders of the future?
That is not a big dustbin (can you spot the real one?)

Lift for Jit Sin? Any one for the ride up?
Answer: Rubbish....

So tomorrow must do gotong royong. Another waste of time for every one for it is only time for most to play around and missed classes.

Care for a lift? After so many years, finally we get a lift. Even though it is a small one, but we are going green, see.. a least there is hope for the environment