Thursday, October 02, 2008

Me and my eight beautiful angels

Eight U6B1 2007 students pay me a surprised visit yesterday night 10 pm to be exact. They are Li Jie, Ming Ming, Chin Yee, Woan Pyn, Vivian, Shirley, Chyn Boon and Ker Jing. We had an hour or so very interesting 'chatting' and sharing of their experiences in uni-life. All in all, I am happy to see that they are enjoying themselves in their new environment, barring a few hiccups like homesickness. Ming ming, Chin Yee, Chyn Boon and Ker Jing are UPMians, Li Jie and Woan Pyn in USM, Shirley in UMP (Terengganu) and Vivian, (reading law in UMNO building... hee hee, sorry me no got your college name .. do not sue me okay?).

Thanks for still remembering where I stay...

Hope to see you all in the future......

Good luck and remember to adapt and conserve is the right way of survival.... Darwin theory revised by me (the truly great one... hah hah hah)
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