Friday, June 25, 2010

Teacher's Day celebration?

Today is the school teacher's day (minus the HM and a number of teachers and students as they in Shanghai for the orchestra).

What's to celebrate (after almost a month overdue)?

Play games - more students than teachers la
Go listen to concert? Either you watch a jumping up and down dance or listen to old men singing - not like we had superstars invited for this day

Then a Malay or vegetarian lunch (budget RM5 meal) - we use to have Eden Buffet Lunch until the old HM (Mr Yong) retired.

And half of the school population is not even here

Shih! What to celebrate?

Bring back (or is there any) Class Party - My Teacher's Day in school is remembered because of the Class parties that we had and the happiness and smiles of the teachers coming to eat our food.

What Jit sin's students had missed all this while

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Spring cleaning

As usual, the second day of the semester 2 saw JitSinians swapped their thinking cap with the "kakak's" apron and broom to sweep clean??? the school. God had been kind to us this time as it pours cats and dogs yesterday so it is quite clean already.
The Lower Six Biology 2 class is given the task to clear the lab and we managed to throw away 6 bagful of old insect boxes and herbarium sheets.
So the seniors who want to take back their insect coffins or herbarium sheets, please come to school before next week as we will recycle and reuse the boxes.

New Head Blocks

New extension of the school office and maybe more rooms for Head teachers. Maybe bigger Discipline Room.