Monday, April 30, 2012


Recsam - nothing interesting about the course hence the scenery of the campus is the main attraction
Spent my last weekend at RECSAM-SEAMEO in Penang Island for the course on New STPM (syllabus and coursework).

Actually, it is more of a 3-days holiday with nothing gained except that for those who are going to come back for Lower Six next week, be warned that there are many course works (kerja kursus) that you will have to do.

As for Biology, I am not too happy with the new practicals for paper 4 as some of the good practical in the Terminal STPM had been taken away and the new ones suck. Anyway, it is still a new thing and the guinea pigs will be in next week.

Met two "old" boy and girl of Jit Sin, one Ms Teng Bee Gaik, a sweet teacher from Heng Ee, who came and greet me. I cannot remembered her but her name struck me as my ex-student in 1996.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Oh my! The end is still so far away........
The first day of the annual Sukan Tara - a chance for the Jitsinians to enjoy life in the morning sun. The pounding and trumping of the Class One Boys and Girls shaken the earth as they tried to outpaced each other to the finishing line in the 100 m dash (or clash). At the end of the day, the Jitsinians gained much from the exposures to the sun and the Green House emerged the winner

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Post STPM Visit

The Zombies and the Pea-shooter (mycikgu).. Thanks for the Teacher's Day present
I got a Zombie and a Pea-shooter and .... a Highness, a Hikaru, a Shimin and a Movethebox today in school... Thanks for the Zombie and the Plant (also from the Highlanders).. Love it...
Oh ya! forgot about the MusicTeacher who wrote her farewell song too soon

The Best in Penang

From Penang State Government
Confirmed and Sealed

In Fantasy - 2nd Place

Roti prata with basil leaves will be the 2013 project ....
The Basil team #2 had won 2nd place in the Science Competition for this year Science Week. Congratulations to the team for their effort and perseverance in carrying out this project.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Fantasy of Science

Science (fiction) week.. Basil leaves scent from my R&C group 2012:::::: and one of the better project (electrifying the plant)
Oh! It is not a battlefield in the school hall, but the chaotic presence in the hall is due to the annual Science Week with this year's theme The Fantasy of Science (probably Jitsins study science as sci-fi and no wonder they scored As and A+s every year in SPM)

And true to the theme the ExaMachs do transform Science into Fantasy. I mean, how can a project presenter explains that aluminium can stores heat better, or that 4 spoonful of sugar and 4 spoonful of salt are of same concentration and.. and that hot air flows downward.. oh my god! What a fantasy world our ExaMachs live in!

Out of 41 projects (sounds grand - but as Hokkien people said  Boh Liau) only 2 or 3 projects are worthy to be called science projects (and least to say of Kebangsaan level). The rest are typical exam-oriented laboratory works or magic shows. Chemistry projects that are done with no chemical principles, Mathematics projects with no background in mathematics principles or rules, Science experiments with no controls - had the Jitsin students not taught of these in class or lab?

Yucks! What an insult that my intelligence had to endure as a judge for today and (OMG) tomorrow again.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

CrossCountry Chicken Run

At check point 8
Thank god no rain today, as it was raining cats and dogs yesterday morning.

A good weather for the Jitsin Chicks and Ducks to run the annual somewhat-shortened-again cross country (or taman) run.

Most of the two legged super Chicks and Ducklings managed to walk all the way while the teachers constantly yelled encouraging words to them.

After the run, there will be more strenuous exercises .. talking about torturing people.. I will be too weak to blog after this