Monday, February 21, 2011

2010 STPM result announced

Many happy faces and many tears will flow today (result yet known till blogging time).
Congratulations to those who had obtained good results.

For those still in Upper Six, your turn is next. Regrets will never bring back time, so start your preparation and planning for the your own battle.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Measuring the size

How big? This big lo .. sir...
Sir ah! How to measure?
Use your two fingers...
Huh! Fingers? My kindergarten teacher said two fingers means 2 .. so how?
Hai say! Kek say !... use ruler la..
Use ruler also cannot see...
Huh? Cannot see.. oh oh! blind already....
See sir,  this big lo...

Preparing what to see

Plant cells, Animal cells (actually human cells) ... we have to look at them through the microscope. Use only small pieces but usual one la... When use onion, cut big pieces, but when use own cheek cells, so gentle and kiam siap lo...
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Two Eyes Open Microscope Work

Finally, they open their eyes for the microscope. Whew!
See, finally who said cannot open both eyes to see through a monocular microscope?

Ducks in the River

Jit Sin is blessed with a beautiful river that flows at the back of the school. I happened to notice a flock of ducks (or I first thought were egrets or herons) swimming in the river . It is actually a beautiful natural sight but my camera fail to capture it as I was at the Form 6 Bio Lab.

Acting and Search again

As part of the action research, one had to observe the interested ones and the bored already learner. Also note the suffering the pregnant teacher had to endure. As a final act of kindness, why don't we had a quiz on Friday hoh!

These are what is meant by Action mah! OOPS! wrong interpretation of Action Research.. but who cares?
Yesterday I got a chance to bore the teachers of Form 6 in the topic of Action Research. A fun way to get all the teachers to listen to me. Will give them quiz on Friday.

Sunday, February 06, 2011

Chinese New Year - Students of class 07

From left: Top row: Song Huan, Chun Keat, Ah Beng, Tze Hou
Seated: Chia Min, mycikgu, Min Min

Song Huan and Chun Keat of UB1
UB2 Tze Hou, Yong Beng, Min Min, Chia Min
Both the UB1 and UB2 managed to meet this year. Of course, UB1 only left 2 persons and UB2 only left 4 persons. The survivorship curve of type I applied.

Chinese New Year - Students of class 05

From the left: Khai Lun, Yin Chin, mycikgu, Swee Shan, Yong Chen
This year, 4 cute and pretty bunnies from class 05 come for a CNY visit at noon.

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Happy New Year

Mr Tiger had roared away,
Master Rabbit had just hopped in,
Bringing in many nice things,
Big money, good health,
For you and your darling
Happy Xin Nee
Keong Hee Tua Huat Chye,
Soon Soon Li Li