Saturday, June 28, 2014

Sports Day

Bang bang Boon
Jump Run Throw
Some clap most just watch
And the sports day begins and end 
And the rain start to pour after
Everything that goes up must come down

Friday, June 27, 2014

Whitewashing The School

The school is turning into rainbow colour that is White. It was the original colour before so we'll see how long it remains white
Still white

Soft Toys

Toys and hand phone accessories - that's all being sold in Cooperative week.
Still Garfield and Stich! Why no Olaf yet.. maybe next year

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Amoeba or Onion Cell - which is bigger?

Sir-sir! I can't see!!

OMG! Either I have some OKU students or something had gone wrong. Can't see? I meant you want to see amoeba with your naked eyes. Sure-lah, cannot see but through the microscope, definitely can see mah!!
How to measure ...look at my hands

I forgot to warn them .. hairstyle is also important for microscope work

So big.. aiyo.. my so small only but I can see already
You know, Amoeba is pink in colour and onion is brown in colour then our lab coat is what colour hoh?

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Teacher's Day

Today is the school-level Teacher's Day celebration after more than 1 month, so the mood to celebrate this once-a-memorial day is gone.

As usual, there is an assembly with usual song of Kami Guru Malaysia being sung by some teachers (others like me just stood and listen)

Then there is the playing with students session (which I do not know what is the aim as there is nothing fun about it, I mean what is the fun for the students to play with some old uncles or aunties who in the first place cannot play any games at all). It would be interesting if there is an online gaming session where games like Hay Day or Farm Heroes can be played among the teachers and students.

After that, with the aching bodies, we teachers are asked to sit in the oven-hot hall listening to some old uncles and aunties belting the once-popular lulabies that will surely trigger the our memories of our mums singing us to sleep.

The reward for all this, a piece of cold spicy Malay-styled chicken wing or drumstick, some overcooked cabbage and a cup of too-sweet drink (sponsored by the PTA or some old boys association)..
This is the tradition for Jit Sin Teacher's Day.. and do you think I look forward to this every year?????

And with the pre-GST economy, we only get some heartshaped papers wishing us teachers to be candles who burnt oneself.. do you think nowaday, candles still valid.. I think LED is more popular..
The once great Datuk Ang CS who inspired to be Datuk Lee Chong Wei

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Seminar KBAT Form 6

 No class today. Attended the so-call HOTS questions in STPM in IPGM Penang Campus in Recsam from 8:00 - 3:30 pm.